Letters to/from sport items, Italian students

storia di Marina

An Irreplaceable shirt DI GABRIELE CASSARO

Dear Antonio PIREDDA


Dear classical shoes di Benedetta

Dear Federica PORCU

Dear sneakers DI CHIARA GATTU

Dear trainers DI ELEONORA DE POL


lettera anna giorgia

lettera di rebecca

My Motorbike DI GABRIELE DESSENAHere are some letters Italian students have written to theirfavourite sport items or received from them.
Hope you like them!


One thought on “Letters to/from sport items, Italian students

  1. SportLetters coming from Caracal, Romania

    Zanfir Adelina
    Comenius Guest Student Kim Langhammer/Germany

    All the time she plays games on the computer. What is so interesting in this? I think that it is boring because she is just a girl … She is twelve years old and she needs sport.
    She had the intention to use me every day when she bought me , six months ago because she wanted to become fitter and she wanted to improve her health. Now , I am staying on the chair with the old things that she no longer use. I can’t resist here any more. I feel like I’ m suffocating with all dirty shirts and ripped socks .In the best case her mother will take me to pun in the closet forever or I’ll finish in the trash. Then , I hope that somebody will find me to be his friend . If there is somebody who hears me and who wants a loyal friend –here I am .

    Dear hoodie ,

    I just want to say thank you for all you do for me. In all this time you were my best friend , because you mean “good luck” for me , you were there for me when I was happy, when I cried , When I won and when I lost .I remember that moment when I bought you in September , three years ago. You were staying on the shelf in the big sport shop. I was in holyday and I went shopping. I know that it was “a perfect day”. I wore you at sports competitions, at the boring hours at school and when I went out with my friends. I had forgotten your age – I feel that you are here, with me for centuries and I know that you never leave me alone because I will always think of you . I am sure that we will meet but you need a change .
    Bye – bye my best friends and I hope to see you again,

    Firanescu Florin
    Comenius Guest Student Paul/Germany

    For years, I have watched my cousin play sports. From football to basketball, he has had his hand (or foot) in every major type of sport. Fortunately for me, his aptness for physical activity has provided a wealth of information and stories to relay. The tale that is forthright in my mind when I think of comical sports stories is the experience my cousin had with his coach in high school. As a confident young man, my relative felt he could do little wrong when it came to sports. If he fumbled a ball during one of his numerous football games, it was the other teams fault. If he missed a free throw shot during a basketball game, the basket was too high. He was always so full of excuses. Well, one afternoon, his coach became annoyed with his second-string quarter back and called him on it. He felt my cousin’s leadership skills were lacking and that he needed an attitude adjustment. To this my cousin shouted “How is that my problem?” Immediately, I looked at the coach, trying to gauge his expression; his face was stoic. He simply raised his finger and pointed toward a nearby bench. My cousin responded by obeying the coach, for the first time since he had entered the team.
    Later that evening, after the game had ended, all of the family gathered around to congratulate my cousin’s team, the victors in the game. However, my cousin was no where around. We looked for him in every conceivable location: in his car, in the school, under the bleachers, but he could not be found (and no seemed to have a cell phone that day). Finally, after over a half-hour of looking, we located him, in the coach’s office, apologizing. It turned out that earlier that day an unflattering news article came out about the team. The author named my cousin as the worst player in the county. With his head held low, he exited the office and vowed to practice more than he put on airs from that day forward. To some people, this may not be a particularly funny story, but to me it certainly fits that category. It was funny how he had allowed himself to get so into his own talent that he refused direction, it was funny how the coach was so angry that he showed the article to a young boy to ease his cockiness, and it was funny how it took all that for him to admit imperfection. It’s funny because it’s indicative of so many people. No matter what their “sport” some people let their pride cloud their judgment. It’s so funny because it’s so true.

    Ciu Madalina
    Comenius Guest Student Kati Eichorn/ Germany

    Dear Hoodie,
    I still remember the summer I bought you.It was very warm and my parents didn’t agree with buying you.They thought I could buy a new hoodie when it gets cold,not in the middle of the summer .
    My parents didn’t see you as special.They said you are a simple sweatshirt,but I knew you were more than that.
    Despite their opinion I bought you.I wore you since the first day and now you lay I the back of my drawer.
    I look at you and I believe you deserve more than this.You were there for me in most of the days and I can say you were one of my favourite piece of clothing.
    You knew all my secrets, and now I forgot you,leaving you with the rest of my old clothes.
    My parents made me give you to some people who need you more than me.
    So I have to say goodbye.I hope we will meet soon,


    The coldest winter I can say.
    Since we’ve been in this house we never thought they will forget us.They used to wear us even in January.They dragged us through snow and pools.They used us in the hot summer days and the cold winter days,but we’ve never felt this bad.
    The love they had for us kept us warm and because of this we were loyal.We were there for the good and the bad.When they ripped us for the first time they sewed us with so much care and then they washed us.
    They treated us as one of their friends.We couldn’t believe how easily they got rid of us.
    They just replaced us.What do they mean when they say we are not beautiful anymore,that we are old?
    And now how are they repaying us for our loyalty?By throwing us in a metal box.
    Oh no no no…What’s happening ? Why are we moving? Is this the trash car?
    Everything became quiet except the snickers who were screaming :Is this how you repay us? Ungrateful girl!

    Pisla Gabriela Manuela

    Comenius Guest Student Francesca Burrai/ Italy

    Dear Gabriela,

    It’s me, your first pair of sport shoes, Nikes. Remember me? I’m writting this text in hope that you’ll change your way of wearing sport shoes. I remember when you bought me from the store. It was such a nice day, sun was shining, kids were playing. You took me home and you treated me like I was the greatest pair of shoes in the world…but that only lasted for about a month. Slowly but surely, you started to forget about me, forget about cleaning me and even wear me. For about a month I was the center of your attention, but after that you threw me away in the closet and forgot about me. I feel sorry for the pair of shoes that will come after me…they’ll have to bear the same treatment that I was put to. You should learn more about shoes wearing and I hope soon you will change the way you treat us shoes.
    P.S. I laughed so hard when you tripped at the last game you had with the girls.

    Dear t-shirt,

    I hope this letter will make you realise how much I care for you. I wanted you to thank you for being such a good friend in my games with the girls, in my fittnes runs or in my walks in the park. I’m sorry for the times I forgot to wash you or put condittioner in the washing maschine. I’m also sorry for the time I forgot about you and left you in the washing maschine for about one week. You started to stink so bad . You make me feel so comfortable and so sporty. I’m going to buy a pair of sport shoes with black and white to match your colors, so you can have a close friend. And I promise I won’t put you in the automatic dryer, cause I know you hate that.
    Truely yours,

    Luca Elena Daniela
    Comenius Guest Student Ingeborg Gåsbakk/ Norway

    Dear skis,
    I would like to thank you for the way you make me feel every winter. You make the cold days be happier.
    The first time I have tried you I was only a child and I was afraid that I could fall, but you did not let me down and you have always supported me.
    You have been my best friend every winter and you helped me to become stronger and to improve my sport skills.
    I remember when my parents first gave you to me like it was yesterday even if I was only a child. Five years have passed ever since and I love you exactly as I loved you than. But unfortunately time is flying, I grow up and you stay the same so I have to change you. I am sure that I will never find such good skis as you have been and I will never forget you.
    With love,

    Nuta Andra
    Comenius Guest Student Tove Karin Gjemse/ Norway

    Dear training dance shoes,
    I just want to say thank you for your sincerely friendship. You have been always there for me when I needed to. I remember like it was yesterday when I bought you from an Intersport shop while I was spending my summer holiday to the seaside. Wow I can not believe that you are still a fashionable wear. There have been four years since I bought you. But, unfortunately, I decided not to wear my old friends anymore. I have to give you away although I am so sorry. Your beautiful blue color turned into a dusty blue and I can not do anything to change this. I must admit that over all these years of dancing I always cared about you and I was very proud of having you next to me. For a long time nobody realized how old are you, but now the dusty blue is kind of noticeable. You do not have to worry for me. I will be fine, I was given another training dance shoes as a gift. They are grey and will never be like you, but I am pleased of them. Hope you will be fine.
    Good bye my dear friends you deserve to rest in peace. I will never forget you.
    Forever your best friend,

    Conea Rares
    Comenius Guest Student Aron Devine/ Norway
    Comenius Guest Student Ole Verner Sundvik/ Norway

    Dear sport shoes,
    I just want to say thank you for all the years you have helped me in my football matches.I remember quite well when I bought you in Craiova from the shop called InterSport in 2009.You were the most amazing pair of football boots I had seen in my entire life and you were also the latest.Now I wear you only when I go to run because you can no more rezist 90 minutes in a football match.I swear that I always took care of you,always cleaned you and put you in your box.You were always looking clean,my teammates asked me several times if you were new.I thought that I can use you more time but I was wrong.I feel very upset that I have to leave you but I hope you get reborn in a recycling process and be mine again.
    Bye-Bye my old friends,you deserve to rest in peace.
    Yours Rares

    Varia Ionut Virgil
    Comenius Guest Student Amund Sundvik/ Norway

    Dear tennis table paddle,

    I just want to thank you for helping me in the tennis table matches and apologize for all the bad moments you had when I lost. After great efforts to convince my dad, I bought you from a large sports shop and I spent all my money. Three years of joy and disappointments are since then. Now your performance dropped, you get old and it’s time to retire. I’m going to put you in a place of honor, on the wall of my room with diplomas and trophies that we have won together. I’m sorry to have to break our partnership but will never forget the beautiful moments spent together. I hope to bring you a new friend in the coming years, a paddle as good and loyal as you.

    Good-bye my little friend,

    Baraitaru Viorica
    Comenius Guest Student Lucie Bardanzellu/ Italia

    My dear training shirt ,
    I am writing to you because I want to give you my dear thanks because you have been and you are my charm thing all those weeks I have been wearing you .
    We won and I say we, because you and I ,we were and we are like a real team. This is what you are for me a teammate because I feel like every time I wear you I am lucky . And it’s true. At each competition and match that I attended you gaved me luck and I am really grateful to you.
    For that I am also taking care of you . I wash and I look after you as best I can , and I enjoy it. When my mother made you a gift I did not feel attached so loud to you but something happened when I wore you the first time. It was magical. Since then I can not detach myself from you.
    You are my dear ,dear friend and I don’t know what I would do without you!

    With love,

    Drear training shirt, thank iou for all momentes when you was with me. I bought you when I want to the mall with my friends. I saw you in a shop, and imediatly I bought you. Since then, I wear you at every match. I think I am lucky when I wear you. My team won every match when I wear you. I don’t want to think that you damage.
    I’n not lucky without you.

    Bagdasar Maria Diana
    Comenius Guest Student Maria/ Germany

    “I hate winter, I want the summer back! Please GOD save us from this cold weather!” What are those people talking about? I usually hear those words from others people’s mouths. My owner loves winter and this cold weather, and that’s the reason why she bought me. Oh…I forgot to introduce myself, I’m sorry. I am the red ski suit (photo). I am two years old and I love winter.My owner takes me out every winter to celebrate together her birthday. We usually go in Himalaya, Asia (that is my owner birth place). We stay all day and all night long to ski. My owner loves the speed, but I am a little scared, because if we fall then I’m going to break. For an outsider it may look that she doesn’t care about me. Sometimes I think so too, because during the summer she lets me in the bottom of her closet. And there are times when her little sister take me out to use me as a pillow for the cat. I don’t know what to think anymore. Do I like her or not?! Although I love her smile when she wears me and when she depends on me…it looks like I have a reason to live for. What do you think? Am I loved or not?

    Dear ski boots,
    I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I don’t know how to show my gratitude for your existence. If you weren’t created, I wouldn’t be able to practice my favourite sport: the ski, so I will try to put it in words. I remerber even now that time when I fell in that precipice and you didn’t let me move my foot. If I had moved it, it would have broken it. Due to you I was saved from surgery.
    I will never forget the first time we met in that ski store, I think it was fate, your red colour made me pay more attention to you, when I looked closer I saw your grey closures were shining in the light. Although grey-red is my favourite combination, you were very comfortable. After I bought you, my mother scold me “Why did you bought ski boots when you don’t even know how to ski?!” You were the reason why I started to learn this sport. I must admit, I always cared about you, I cleand you. I can’t believe that time passes so fast. I hope that you get reborn in a recycling process and you will never know,maybe we’ll meet again.
    Bye-bye my old friend, you deserve to rest in peace.
    Yours Maria.

    Boghiu Diana
    Comenius Guest Student

    That monday seemed or I’d rather say was supposed to be an ordinary day, but it was not like that. Not at all… So let me be a good story teller. I woke up at seven o’clock (I mean I was waken up at 7 o’clock by my alarm clock. Seriously, who can wake up at such an early hour on his own?), I had an healthy breakfast ( the breakfast is as important as grammar, kids. So…always watch your ‘grammar’), I put on my ONLY shoes, that’s not just the trade mark, but also a truth because these sweeties stood by me in joy and in sorrow (probably that’s why they look like garbage now…) and still are my ones and only. I started my every day jogging listening to music with a headset at a low volume, of course. As you can see, everything is healthy in this story : the breakfast, the way of listening to music, less the mentality of my old crazy neighbours. While I was running I saw Mrs. Smith doing exercise…with her cat. The poor kitten, it was so flabby, but after this ”minor incident” the whole town was running in front with the aged ones. I was both taken aback and amused because the 50-year-old men were wearing shorts… Everything turned topsy-turvy and I kept asking what was happening until I found out that was the international day of sport… and then it made sense. Take my advice because I don’t use it anyway: When nothing goes right, go left…

    Dumitru Alexandru
    Comenius Guest Student Phillip Kassner/ Germany

    Brown, rugged, old, almost forgotten…But still here for me. You’re hanging over there covered in scars and somehow, in my weird way, some kind of love. I remember the first summer when I took you in my hands and you were twice as big as me. The balls were all over the place near the court and my dad was playing with some of his mates and I didn’t even dare to go near them. Roaring and yelling, the grown ups looked like gorillas with racquets and I really wanted to impress them. So, I did the most obvious thing I could, I took some round things from the fridge and decided to prove myself. Even now I remember how I slammed those things, which apparently were eggs, and splashed them all over my dad. I wonder if you still have some eggs left through your strings. Probably yes, sorry.

    Oh, and the pain. All the pain I put you through. The moments when I was playing and screwed things up and I somehow thought you were to blame and threw you countless times into the ground. But you were still there. Most importantly, you were there to hold me when I twisted my ankle. You did it all and didn’t crack after all these years.

    This is our story of pain and love and I am crying now. Crying of happiness that I realised how much I care about you. And yes, I should clean that dust and egg marks.

    Dear shorts,

    I just want to thank you for all the years when you covered my ass and brought me all that luck with my marathons. Though it was a bit weird to get as a gift a pair of shorts from my girlfriend I love the fact that I now have you in my closet and fill in the gap when my girlfriend is not around.

    But above all, I want to thank you for that memorable moment at last year’s marathon. I’m so sorry for cracking you during the stretching but I have to say that I adore you for resisting through the whole marathon with a few sewing here and there. I trusted the luck and strength you granted me and probably that’s another reason why I won then.

    For all of the above and many other I send you once again my love and I promise I will never crack you up again.

    May you live forever in my closet and suit me whenever I need you.

    Yours, Steve

    Mihai Adriana
    Comenius Guest Student Rebecca De Risi/ Italy

    We play in this tennis club. People of all ages go to play there. Weeks ago we picked a court around the back part of the place. We started warming up when all of a sudden my friends all start staring to the court across from us. I look and I see a little kid around the age of 5 with a racket in his hands that was bigger than his body hitting shots that we can’t even hit. He was practicing with his grandfather and he would hit the shots with awesome power and strength for a little kid. It was clear to me that he had been playing for at least 2 years.
    We eventually kept on with our warming up and proceeded to playing some games, but not without some drop in our confidence … Playing drop shots in tennis is a big tricky specially returning the drop shots when you are away standing at the end of the court. Once while returning one shot, I came in running so fast that in the attempt to return the shot, I fell over the net & rolled over to the other side of the net.
    Quite a funny sight to the ones playing in the nearby … The lesson in this is … if you like tennis … keep playing it so you won’t play worse than a little kid.

    Maria-Alexandra Pituru
    Comenius Guest Student Rossana Demurtas/ Italy

    Sam ate a lot of sweets . His classmates got the laugh of him. Because he was sick and tired of all these jokes he decided to take a photo to impress his friends. He bought a dumbbell and took a picture of him while lifting it. After that,he edited the photo to look like he lifted more weight than he could. He showed the photo to everybody,but he forgot something. When he took the photo,he had a mirror behind him. In the mirror everyone could see the real dumbbell he lift.
    Tom was a real friend of Sam. He was one of the members of the school’s football team. He was handsome and was popular,all the girls were in love with him. Tom saw the photo and he pity Sam.
    He decided to help Sam. Tom convinged him to practice sports and not to eat sweets anymore.This is what he did.
    Now they are two healthy boys. Sam is in the school’s football team. Everybody forgot about the embarrassing photo that Sam took.

    Stanica Daniela Ioana
    Comenius Guest Student Piredda Antonio/ Italy

    Dear sport jacket,
    I wish nothing but to thank you for the beautiful moments spent together. I also want to tell you that I knew you were perfect for me since the first moment I saw you in the storefront of my town’s sport shop 5 years ago. What impressed me at you was especially your color. Oh! That green was just perfect…as simple as that. I remember all the mornings when you accompanied me on the park’s stadium to run and all my sport lessons from school you participated at. Even though now you aren’t any longer as impressive as 5 years ago, you’re still good at something. I wear you only for doing housework and also your old beautiful green no longer impresses, I just can’t throw you away. So…what else could I say? Thank you…one more time. And I also want you to know that I care about you and that’s why I’ll give you a break. Very clean, as you always were, you’ll stay quiet in my closet. You deserve a holiday.
    Bye for now,

    Lupancescu Diana
    Comenius Guest Student Gabriele Cristofaro/ Italy

    I remember when I was little, I was so fascinated by running. Then one day,when I was in middle school, I entered a competition where I had to run 100 metres and be the fastest. After I entered the competition I found out that my best friend was part of it too. I felt bad about what I have done, but she felt the same way because the both of us admired runners and we were talking about competitions a lot. We promised that we would always tell everything that happened to us and also if we wanted to enter a competition.
    The day of the competition came, but we could not even look the other in the eyes. The competition started , when only 25 metres were left , I fell. My best friend told me to stand up and to run together. After that, we crossed the finish line and we were both in the first place.
    From then on, we are always together and we tell each other everything. Even now, we talk about runners, but we also admire tennis players. We dream about being the best in every competition we participate.

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