My impressions from Estonia

For the first time in my life, I took the plane in October this year. This chance was given to me by the Comenius project.

I went to Estonia with my teacher, the nurse and two of my friends. I was excited but a little bit anxious because it was the first time I had left my family and I was all moved. During the journey I was housed in Yohanna’s home. At the beginning, I was scared because I had never been far away from home. However, I had to be adaptable there. Yohanna’s mother took care of me. It was very nice.

This experience presents many benefits for me. First of all, I became more sociable since I had to express myself in a foreign country. Obviously, most of those strangers were of the same age as me, so the communication was easier. Also, I think that my English has improved. On the top of that, owing to the Comenius project it was a concrete opportunity for me to improve my English. I didn’t have any help such as a dictionary or my English teacher. Moreover I met a lot of people and thanks to the activities proposed, I really enjoyed Estonia.

As a conclusion, this first trip was an experience that I will remember the rest of my life. It was a good memory. And today, more than ever, I would like to travel, to discover others foreign countries to enlarge my horizon.

                                                                                                                                                         Anaëlle BARONCE, Reunion



Two treks to celebrate the meeting in Reunion

During the second week-end of November 2013, 40 students from the Reunion school  joined in with 2 trekkings, one in Cilaos circus and one to the summit of Le piton de La Fournaise.

Some students, who had failed to reach the summit of the volcano one year ago, succeeded this year.

A great celebration of the unforgettable meeting in Reunion in October 2012.


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Mobility in Caracal, Romania

Diary-Host Diana Boghiu 10E LTMV

Well, I could start by thanking all the people who involved in Comenius project and made it possible in our town because we all really enjoyed taking part in this project. It was a pleasant mixture between meeting new people and working with them. But it wasn’t only about that, we  could also test ourselves, develop some skills maybe, our abilities of communication, of interaction with other people. We learned the meaning of “team work”and other key words like patience, self-control, but also rapidity, competition and how to not  be afraid to use them when is necessary. When it comes to this kind of project, teenagers usually enjoy it and they don’t miss the chance to take part in it. My all classmates were very enthusiastic about the idea of hosting a foreign student. Because spending more time with him/her, in other words, means finding out more about he or she, including even traditions, customs or specific food in the respective country. What I want from this project and nothing more is to take place more often.  We are all looking forward to the next Comenius project. But it’s more than a project, it’s a good for everyone, so I would rather call it an experience. An experience which has plenty of good sights  and, as after it you’ll have healthy friendship and good memories, in my opinion is surely one not to be missed.

Ei bine, aş putea începe mulţumindu-le tuturor celor care s-au implicat în proiectul Comenius şi care l-au făcut posibil în oraşul nostru pentru că nouă tuturora chiar ne-a făcut plăcere să participăm. Dar nu a fost vorba doar despre asta, ci am şi putut să ne testăm pe noi înşine, să dezvoltăm nişte abilităţi poate, comunicarea şi interacţiunea cu alţi oameni. Am învăţat ce înseamnă “munca în echipă” şi alte cuvinte cheie cum ar fi răbdare, autocontrol, dar şi rapiditate, competiţie şi cum să nu ne fie teamă să le folosim atunci când este nevoie. Când vine vorba de acest tip de proiect, tinerilor de obicei le place şi nu ratează şansa de a face parte din el. Toţi colegii mei au fost încântaţi de ideea de a găzdui un student străin. Asta pentru că, petrecând mai mult timp cu el/ea, cu alte cuvinte înseamnă să afli mai multe despre el ori ea, asta incluzând până şi tradiţii, obiceiuri sau mâncarea specifică din ţara respectivă. Ceea ce vreau de la acest proiect şi nimic mai mult este să aibă loc mai des. Noi cu toţii aşteptăm cu nerăbdare următorul proiect Comenius. Dar este mai mult decât un proiect, este un bun pentru toată lumea, aşa că mai degrabă aş numi-o experienţă. O experienţă cu multe părţi pozitive şi, cum după trecerea ei vei rămâne cu prietenii sănătoase şi amintiri frumoase, eu cred că este cu siguranţă una de neratat.

Mobility Olbia, Italy




13-17 May 2013


11th May – arrival of Norwegian partners

12th  May – arrival of German and French partners

Monday  13th  May

Opening cerimony   9.00-10.00

The headmaster, the school staff, students and local authorities welcome Comenius partners in the School Conference Hall

Exchange of presents – Welcome coffee

Visiting the school

11.30 – 13.00

Teams organization – Sport activities in the school gym/playground

16.00 – 18.00

Rehearsal of the  flash mob – Organizing teams

Sport activities for students: basketball match

Teachers’ meeting

Tuesday  14th  May

9.00 – 13.30

Lo Squalo Beach

Beach volley tournament

Different sport activities  (slack line, surf, sail, game of bowls, maxi racket …)


Civic learning/service: cleaning the beach

16.00 – 18.00

Sport activities – Fausto Noce Park  and gym – “Percorso Vita”

Visiting the park and its sport facilities

Wednesday  15th  May – Festival of the Patron Saint (San Simplicio) (School Holiday)

10.00 – 13.00

Visiting Olbia

Free afternoon –  Saint Simplicio Festival

Religious procession – Local  folkhlore

Thursday   16th  May


9.00 – 15.00



From  18.00

Closing cerimony

Certificate of attendance

Party for students, teachers and parents with music and buffet

Friday  17th  May

9.30 – 15.00

Trip to Golfo Aranci

Trekking to  Capo Figari, visiting the Marconi  radio position and an archeological site



Archeological Museum

Meeting with famous local sportsmen – Sport and solidarity


Departure of  Norwegian and German partners

18th May departure of French partners



  • Some activities can change according to the weather conditions and the availability of structures and people involved.
  • A more precise program will be sent in April
  • Soon after Easter Holidays, we’ll send you details of the flash mob choreography prepared by our students and PE teachers
  • For the sport activities, please fill the attached form with the names of the students who want to take part in  the different sport activities
  • For snorkelling, please take a mask with you (also a wetsuit, in case of very cold water…)
  • The whole week is dedicated to the Patron Saint of the town, so there is the possibility to attend different shows (fireworks, mussels festival, typical dances…we’ll send you the official program)
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  •               Comenius Italia form for actìvities