Mobility Olbia, Italy




13-17 May 2013


11th May – arrival of Norwegian partners

12th  May – arrival of German and French partners

Monday  13th  May

Opening cerimony   9.00-10.00

The headmaster, the school staff, students and local authorities welcome Comenius partners in the School Conference Hall

Exchange of presents – Welcome coffee

Visiting the school

11.30 – 13.00

Teams organization – Sport activities in the school gym/playground

16.00 – 18.00

Rehearsal of the  flash mob – Organizing teams

Sport activities for students: basketball match

Teachers’ meeting

Tuesday  14th  May

9.00 – 13.30

Lo Squalo Beach

Beach volley tournament

Different sport activities  (slack line, surf, sail, game of bowls, maxi racket …)


Civic learning/service: cleaning the beach

16.00 – 18.00

Sport activities – Fausto Noce Park  and gym – “Percorso Vita”

Visiting the park and its sport facilities

Wednesday  15th  May – Festival of the Patron Saint (San Simplicio) (School Holiday)

10.00 – 13.00

Visiting Olbia

Free afternoon –  Saint Simplicio Festival

Religious procession – Local  folkhlore

Thursday   16th  May


9.00 – 15.00



From  18.00

Closing cerimony

Certificate of attendance

Party for students, teachers and parents with music and buffet

Friday  17th  May

9.30 – 15.00

Trip to Golfo Aranci

Trekking to  Capo Figari, visiting the Marconi  radio position and an archeological site



Archeological Museum

Meeting with famous local sportsmen – Sport and solidarity


Departure of  Norwegian and German partners

18th May departure of French partners



  • Some activities can change according to the weather conditions and the availability of structures and people involved.
  • A more precise program will be sent in April
  • Soon after Easter Holidays, we’ll send you details of the flash mob choreography prepared by our students and PE teachers
  • For the sport activities, please fill the attached form with the names of the students who want to take part in  the different sport activities
  • For snorkelling, please take a mask with you (also a wetsuit, in case of very cold water…)
  • The whole week is dedicated to the Patron Saint of the town, so there is the possibility to attend different shows (fireworks, mussels festival, typical dances…we’ll send you the official program)
  •                Comenius Italy schedule moveus olbia
  •               Comenius Italia form for actìvities

One thought on “Mobility Olbia, Italy

  1. Please, indicate the number of students who are going to take part in the different activities

    France Norway Netherlands Romania Estonia Germany Italy
    Beach volley
    Maxi racket
    Game of bowls
    Five a side football

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