Teachers’ Corner

Hello dear partners,

I hope you are doing well.

I think we don’t use at all the blog made by the Romanian team. We should, in order to communicate and to disseminate our results. It’s important.




3 thoughts on “Teachers’ Corner

  1. yes,we should communicate more via the blog but we have a very intense communication via e-mails-what I think is the better way. we should use the blog for more details and results on our work- butttttt time-give me the real time to do all this- mail, twitter, face…blog…..school, tests…..

  2. Coordinator meeting Comenius project S.O.S movEUs.
    Meeting in Paikuse, Pärnu 03.10.13
    Participants: Regina, Kersti, Ypie, Dirk, Jerome, Franca, Elia, Anna Maria, Alexandra, Kathrin, Edith

    Regina opens the meeting with greetings and thanks to Estonia for a good time so far.
    Guide in Tallin a bit too long time.
    Netherlands: to much activities split children / teachers. Wants more activities together. To hear how they are doing, Good with disco yesterday. Good mix with the students.
    La Reunion: Wish more time with their students.
    Romania: Good with a coach in sports activities, e.g Nordic walk. To short time in Tallin.
    Italy: satisfied. Good organization. Good host here in Estonia.
    Norway: god hosting in families, and satisfied with sportsactivities.
    La Reuinion: The project got checked by their agency. Got advice to improve the project. Jerome gave their evaluation of the first year. Gives the group copy of their evaluation.
    Meetings well organized. Perhaps change more information e.g email with each other (Jeromes suggestion)

    The products after the project;
    Blog is well organized. We should put more in the blog. Articles from newspapers can be scanned and put in blog. Important! After a meeting, children write their feelings from last meeting. Shows the impact of the project! Put this also in the blog!
    during the first year video made in La Reunion is finished and ok
    book with recipies will be done of Norway. Put in the blog!
    video for marine life in Olbia. During the time there they couldtn do the diving cause of the weather. Probably Germany will do it about La Reunion.
    Calender over all the sports activities Pictures from all the contries. Estonia is responsible, 2014.
    Flashmob; Netherlands create flashmob with students. All contries students have been practicing. All the movies send to coordinator Netherlands. She makes a new video from all the contries. In the final meeting we can have the flashmob in Germany. All the children will participate. Do the video before the meeting in Germany.
    Final report: Coordinators will write the final report. Every country write their own report!

    Erasmus+ 2014-2020: goal; employment. Teachers exchange. The total amount of money in Erasmus+ is higher. Perhaps mid of November we will know more about next project. More information will come, not so much information is given by now. National agency have no more information to give by now. Plans from EU are not ready jet.

    When we show that we have enough mobilities and fulfilled the plans, thats is good to have the rest of the money for the project from EU.
    The kids communicate during the facebook. Faster and more than we know! But we have to document that the students are communicating like this.
    Many students in this project, its means that two can be in one hostfamily. Mix boy/girl.

    The students in La Reunion could not prepare rollerski before the vistit in Norway.
    After the visit in Norway, In Germany the 5th and 6th graders now have other rules in free time. Between lessons they now go outside. Have sports activities. This is something that the children do. This is a good result!
    Child with obesity from Germany. Have a program, to reduce his obesity. In Norway good development. After he came home his weight is getting higher.

    We have to think about the weaknesses in project to improve them.

    Norway: Push our result into blog
    Italy: Have all the material, so they just have to send it over. Have made a photobook (school year book) comenius pictures are in this book. Shows a good result!
    Netherlands: Have material, but have to put it into the blog.
    Netherlands: Flashmob work is done.
    Germany: Have made a photomaterial of all the meetings.
    Every country should put all the results into the blog!

  3. You are right Regina.
    Could you please remind to Anette to read the text whose the link is in the blogroll (at the right hand corner of this page : France-Germany friendship).
    It would be great if you could translate it in German and English.
    I love this text.

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